Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream On.

I have a recurring dream that I’m back in Springfield going back to college and I have nowhere to live.

It changes a bit from time to time. Sometimes I literally have NO where to live and am thinking I’ll have to commute from my parent’s house. In last night’s dream I lived back in the sorority house. The funniest part of living in the house in my dream- was that I did not have DVR and I missed all the episodes of New Jersey Housewives. I just kept thinking- I can’t wait until I can go back home and get caught up on my shows. However, I was deeply grateful for the never ending supply of choco tacos and mango madness Snapple icees- remember those? Oh Donna…

Sometimes in the dream I can’t find a roommate. Sometimes in the dream I have to find an apartment really far from campus and DRIVE to school. NONE of these things ever happened.

Part of me thinks the dream means I’m not where I am supposed to be. Too deep? Probably. I had some vodka last night … that doesn’t help.

Someone I know might say I am yearning to find a time when I was not a vegetarian- so I could eat bacon again.

Yesterday I was talking about the poem I wrote in college that was put on the side of the bus- remember that, Bears? And I thought about how much I love words. I re read my favorite poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"… and how it sounds so painfully beautiful when you read it aloud… and I felt sad.

I wanted to be a writer. And now the closest thing I get to writing is this blog (kinda sorta), and quarterly reports, and witty gchats.

So maybe the dream means I need to focus on writing?

Maybe the dream means I need to focus on my house... fix the basement carpet I ripped up by myself.

Or maybe it just means I really miss mango madness Snapple.