Thursday, February 25, 2010

My love for Bob Costas Explained

Why Bob Costas? I hear it all the time.

It’s true. My number one all time biggest crush has been Bob Costas for about 20 years. And as the Olympics come to a close I thought I would take the opportunity to explain why.

I remember being about 12 years old and sitting up late at night during the summer drinking Country Time Lemonade and sneaking my mom’s Slim Fast Bars (they don’t make them like they used to- and not that she needed them- she’s tiny) and watching Bob on the Olympics. I WAS MESMERIZED. The fact that we lived in the sticks and had no cable could attribute to this… as I had no other means of late night entertainment aside from Ron Reagan’s short lived talk show.
Anyway- people always say to me, Bob? Really? But… his hair? Just like Randy Travis said, “I ain’t in love with your hair.. and if it all fell out- I’d love you anyway”

I’ve compiled my love for Bob into a few short bullet points:
• He’s funny.
• He’s charismatic.
• He has a vast knowledge of sports.
• He has a vast knowledge of other stuff.
• He can talk to anyone. He was the original Ryan Secrest people!
And really I think that says it all. I will admit that once during a visit to St. Louis I thought I would try looking for his house… I don’t know if I found it or not. I will also admit to looking for Brad Pitt’s house in Springfield in 1996… “the Gwyneth years.”

So anyway- that’s it… but let’s be honest the head can’t explain what the heart wants.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My American Idol Journey Thus Far

For Kristal’s birthday gift this year I agreed to watch the entire season of American Idol. Which I have done—but last night everything was switched up and all of a sudden these kids were on a stage—singing!! And Ellen was there!

Most of what I know about American Idol I have learned from The Soup and I’ll admit I am very far behind. Perhaps beginning now is similar to starting LOST in the middle of the last season.. I don’t know.

So below I have shared what I don’t get about American Idol.

•Simon’s hair. In high school we had a coach who had hair with that weird middle part.. and guess what? It wasn’t his real hair.

•The human interest piece of the show. Why are they showing me how awful and sad these contestants lives are… and then I listen to them sing and they are horrible! Why lure me in and then say sorry, you suck… because they do. And while we’re on the topic, I really don’t care for the warm fuzziness of it all… even if they do sing well. AND all these people seem to have horses. Or someone in the family with a disease. OR a wife in the hospital about to give birth. I would like to see something a little more out there- like adding a little Celebrity Rehab or Intervention to the mix. I want to see a huffer gone good by making it on American Idol. But a huffer wouldn't have much of a voice I suppose after all that huffing.. so maybe not a huffer. Maybe a crack head.

•Why is the American Idol logo superimposed on a picture of THE EARTH? Shouldn’t it be over a picture of the United States? AND if we are going to be completely correct here it should be titled U.S. American Idol. American Idol means they would also be having auditons in South America. See- that International/Intercultural M.A. wasn’t for nothin

•The word “Idol” is disconcerting. This makes me think of the “tiki idol” on the Brady’s doomed trip to Hawaii… remember? And how did that turn out? NOT WELL! I think it should be called “I want to be Famous” AND by the way growing up my “Idol” was Debbie Gibson and you know what she did? She wrote “Lost in Your Eyes” at 14!! Top THAT kid with a horse!

•I thought I got to vote people off?

I will say though that the guy who sang “Straight Up” was pretty awesome.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I just told my boss the story and she said, considering that DU Hockey is over for the year.. you wouldn't have to go out with him til the fall.

Love it.

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be therapists...

So last night I went out with a guy (the one who called me Polly) and I should have known it would not go well.

First of all, he called me the wrong name… but I have decided to give anyone a chance at this point.. so I went out with him. It started out ok.. we chatted about chocolate and cheese for awhile and everything seemed like it could be fine. BUT THEN he began talking about his work- he’s a therapist… and an hour later I got to talk.

And the conversation basically was him telling me that the choices I made were odd and atypical of a normal woman because:

1. I remain friends with guys I have dated. Apparently this “grossed him out” and he had a huge problem with it.

2. I am “cold hearted” because I feel like there is no use boo hooing over a relationship that didn’t work. I just told him it was a waste of time to sit around and be sad for something that clearly wasn’t meant to work and it’s easier to just move on and be happy. I spent way too much time in my 20s feeling sorry for myself because a boy broke my heart. But in the end, I realized it really was the best thing that could have happened. Does the Red Roof Inn wedding ring any bells? Seriously.

3. I only want one child- and “Normal” girls want at least three or four.

4. It’s weird I have gone out with guys younger than myself. Remember the 21 year old? Again he said he was “grossed out.” Um no… that was awesome. Sorry, dude.

5. He asked me if I would be happy if I remained single forever and I said “yes” because I have a great life, great friends, etc… and this is also weird because according to him you can’t have a family without a husband.

DONE. Check, please. On the double.

So at this point- I am thinking ok- clearly this isn’t a match.. I’ll just pay for my drinks and go. WRONG. He says, “So I’m hungry- let’s get some food.” He wanted to continue this? Stop it… so I said I was ready to hit the road… and he ASKS ME OUT AGAIN! And what did I do? I SAID YES! Even though this was the worst, most uncomfortable date I had ever had I still didn’t think I could hurt his feelings to his face and say no. So today I am going to compose a sweet little email that allows me to say it just isn’t going to work.