Monday, January 25, 2010

I really do miss bacon.

So basically I decided to do this after a friend suggested it... mostly because the other night I had a dream I was dating my friend Maria's boyfriend (John- and yes I told him this) ... while she was also dating him... and we had to go pick up Loretta Lynn because she had been in a drunk driving accident in my hometown of Bolivar, MO.... oh and I had just seen her at the gym. AND we were on the school bus. Which is another recurring theme in my dreams- and I will tell you more about it later.

Lots of weird stuff happens to me and for the most part I love it... because it makes everyone laugh. And I have a pretty good sense of humor about myself.

Anyway- I couldn't come up with a super sexy title for my blog... but let's be honest I really do miss bacon. I've been vegetarian for almost 9 years now and bacon is the one thing I think about a lot. I'm happy to change the name of the blog- but if you really want to know something about me- it is that I really miss bacon.

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