Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How was your day at work? I was uncomfortably introduced to a possible suitor...

Today at work a coworker decided to play matchmaker...

A few weeks ago she told me about this guy and she said, “he’s so nice and he reminds me of well… George Costanza”

Oh good… as if I didn’t have enough neurosis for one relationship—he could add even more. THEN she told me his name was Rob. Now- if you are reading this and your name is Rob and I haven’t dated you… then congratulations… you can keep reading… if you ARE a Rob I have dated… then skip ahead Choose Your Own Adventure style.

I will keep this brief and say I have bad luck with guys named Rob. NOT Bobs, however. LOVE Bobs… especially Bob Ross… but that story will come on another day.
SO my coworker comes in… lets me know he is here and she’ll bring him down soon. I know she has the best of intentions—but it all came across very awkwardly---

Coworker: Kacee, this is Rob.
Kacee: Hi, nice to meet you.
Rob: Nice to meet you
Coworker: Well, you guys are both nice people so I thought you should meet…
Kacee: Well, this isn’t awkward.

Uncomfortable banter follows… I douche out and give him my BUSINESS CARD…. And then he gives me his… and that dear friends is the end of that. He seems very nice and DOES NOT look like George Costanza in any way. Perhaps the third Robs a charm.


  1. I <3 that you called the awkwardness of it all...