Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How awkward was it??

So awkward that since I was introduced to Rob 3 last week he has been in the office three times and not once has he stopped in to say hello.

Matchmaking stinks. Let’s face it the matchmaker always turns out to be in the middle. You may think you know two people who are PERFECT for each other- and maybe they just don’t click. Or maybe one guy turns out to be a douche and never calls the girl back… this recently happened to me. I felt terrible. I’m not that close with the guy.. so when he didn’t call my friend back after two dates I couldn’t figure it out. I just felt like it was somehow my fault that I had a dirtbag friend.

The best thing about being set up these days is that you can check out the facebook profile prior to meeting. For example: Rob 1 had a really weird profile picture when I first met him… he looked cute in his other pictures… but this was of him pretending to have bowling ball boobs. Rob 1 was clearly 15 and probably just looking for a ride to the mall.

Rob 2 looked very handsome in his profile. BUT his about me was so cheesy. He talked about how romantic he was and how he was just a good Colorado guy looking for a good girl. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I love facebook, but it’s intended for fun.. not to meet your soulmate. That was what Friendster was for.

Rob 3 on the other hand had a picture of himself IN A HOT TUB… with a doo rag and a beer!

This is an unacceptable profile picture unless your name starts with Bret and ends with Michaels. (PS- who is watching him on Celebrity Apprentice? Poor guy- he’s really dorky, huh?)

I guess I don’t have a great way to wrap this up—except always trust your gut. When your friend wants to set you up and you know from the start you aren’t feeling it… it’s best to let it go.


  1. Matchmaking does stink. When it didn't work out between you and Charlie, I felt so awkward. I was sure that your identical Ipods were the key to your TLF. That's true love forever, in case you don't remember it from junior high. As in Kacee Austin + Bret Michaels = TLF.

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Charlie! I loved him. He said if I lived in Denver I would be your boyfriend. And then I drunk dialed him and he never came by... then the next day we found out through the grapevine in Durango that Charlie had a girlfriend.