Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I need to break up with MTV....

I am an old person, so I clearly have no right to comment on last night’s MTV Music Awards but I will anyway.

First of all, I love Parks and Rec. In my opinion it is 10,000 times funnier than The Office… and if you started watching it about a year ago and stopped… start again. The first season wasn’t that great- but it’s better now. If nothing else watch simply for Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford. Last night his “Swagga Coach” bit was great. AND his reenactment of Precious. Loved it.

BUT why on Earth was Tom Cruise on there doing his Les Whoever character from Tropic Thunder? That movie came out like three years ago. I had totally forgotten who he was… I don’t get it. Go back to saying weird stuff, Tom Cruise.And if you are going to revive a character what about Maverick? I’d like to see what happened to that guy. I’d like to see him dance with J.Lo.

My other issue was with all the F bombs. I’ll admit every so often I’m totally fine with using curse words and in fact I applaud it with friends and family. HOWEVER, when every other word is F*ck… you begin to sound childish. I know that commonly this word is used to get a reaction… however why not write great skits or banter to do the same thing? A perfectly timed curse word is a gift… let’s not turn it into mainstream language so it loses it’s gratification for the speaker.

I'd really like to break up with MTV... but I'm not ready. I still need to see the new season of Jersey Shore- although it will guaranteed disappoint me- and I love True Life because documentary shows make me feel better about myself. So until Bravo gets just a touch more trashy... I'll still want my MTV.


  1. Movie awards... I meant Movie awards.

  2. As Kristal said, the only person who should say F*ck every other word.. is Julia.