Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been awhile...

Maybe because I've been sick... or maybe because I haven't felt funny... but I haven't blogged lately. However, this morning I was telling my friend Vivian about the dream I had about her and she said I should blog it. So here goes..

This is an excerpt from a chat to Vivian regarding the dream I had about her.... I'm too lazy to recreate it.

"So for some reason I decided for Rick's bday I was getting him coffee and peanut butter. So I went to the store to get it for him and they didn't have what I needed. So you picked me up and we went back to your house. BUT on the way we stopped at this salon and guess who was getting her hair did? Miley Cyrus. So we were like wha??? so all the way to your house we sang Party in the USA. So we get to your house and hang out... and then Tony gets home and I'm like ok.. bye everyone. So I go to leave... and there are all these parking levels.. and i can't remember where my car is. so not only is your apartment complex apartments- it's also a dorm. So i get lost and this cute college boy escorts me to my car. I really want him to kiss me- but it doesn't happen. Well- turns out it ISN'T my car! And then the rest of the dream I kind of forget... I just couldn't find my car and I was too embarrassed to call you and tell you."