Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My American Idol Journey Thus Far

For Kristal’s birthday gift this year I agreed to watch the entire season of American Idol. Which I have done—but last night everything was switched up and all of a sudden these kids were on a stage—singing!! And Ellen was there!

Most of what I know about American Idol I have learned from The Soup and I’ll admit I am very far behind. Perhaps beginning now is similar to starting LOST in the middle of the last season.. I don’t know.

So below I have shared what I don’t get about American Idol.

•Simon’s hair. In high school we had a coach who had hair with that weird middle part.. and guess what? It wasn’t his real hair.

•The human interest piece of the show. Why are they showing me how awful and sad these contestants lives are… and then I listen to them sing and they are horrible! Why lure me in and then say sorry, you suck… because they do. And while we’re on the topic, I really don’t care for the warm fuzziness of it all… even if they do sing well. AND all these people seem to have horses. Or someone in the family with a disease. OR a wife in the hospital about to give birth. I would like to see something a little more out there- like adding a little Celebrity Rehab or Intervention to the mix. I want to see a huffer gone good by making it on American Idol. But a huffer wouldn't have much of a voice I suppose after all that huffing.. so maybe not a huffer. Maybe a crack head.

•Why is the American Idol logo superimposed on a picture of THE EARTH? Shouldn’t it be over a picture of the United States? AND if we are going to be completely correct here it should be titled U.S. American Idol. American Idol means they would also be having auditons in South America. See- that International/Intercultural M.A. wasn’t for nothin

•The word “Idol” is disconcerting. This makes me think of the “tiki idol” on the Brady’s doomed trip to Hawaii… remember? And how did that turn out? NOT WELL! I think it should be called “I want to be Famous” AND by the way growing up my “Idol” was Debbie Gibson and you know what she did? She wrote “Lost in Your Eyes” at 14!! Top THAT kid with a horse!

•I thought I got to vote people off?

I will say though that the guy who sang “Straight Up” was pretty awesome.


  1. I agree about the "Straight Up" guy - even though last night was the first night I "watched" and by watched I mean had it on in the living room while i cooked in the kitchen.

    I don't get most of those other things either - but I'm more of an Idol lurker than fan.

  2. Um, the Straight Up guy should totally record that. He said he was singing that and I thought uh oh, but he rocked it!
    You get to vote off after they narrow down to the top 24.
    Also, this cracked me up last night. They were going in groups of 8 and spotlighting people. At one point they said "Also in the line is ____ who is a pastor" Nothing else about them at all. Gee, thanks for letting us know. LOL
    I don't really get into it until they start with the actual competition. I get bored with the stories too. I think they should wait and do those when they have narrowed it down, so we can fall in love with who we vote on.
    My trick...DVR the show and then fast forward thru commercials and all the talk and preview of what they are going to show in 5 minutes. Really cuts down the time watching!