Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One more thing.

This is not meant as disrespectful in ANY WAY… but I have to ask… why do people have all these pictures of themselves in the car? I'm fascinated by this- and I think it's another sign that I am super old since I've never done it.

When I am in the car… I am driving. I have never thought to photograph myself. HOWEVER- that being said… If I am traveling with a cat as I am wont to do… I do take a picture of the cat. Doing something funny… Like pretending to sing.

Maybe I never think I look that good while I’m driving… I don’t know. The thought has never occurred to me- but it seems to be pretty popular… so I’m just asking… I say-- keep it up - but ONLY if you are at a complete stop... otherwise Oprah will have you sign a pledge about it.

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